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galifreys-gladiator replied to your post: On Proxy Servers

I didn’t assume. but you didn’t mention proxies so I decided to mention it. Maybe you’ve never had to unblock a site before and therefore never had to use a proxy? How am I to know? And not every proxy is blocked. it’s a trial and error sort of thing

It’s not your place. We solved the problem the way we best saw fit. RPing via Skype really isn’t any different than Tumblr. The only difference is you have to hit Shift+Enter to put in paragraph breaks. Yes Google Docs is a little bit more difficult, but not everyone has Skype, it’s an option. 

Stop questioning our decisions. We make every decision together and often talk to others about the options before posting a final announcement. 

On Proxy Servers

We’ve already discussed proxy servers. 

First off: Most of the time if a server blocks sites they normally have a lot of the proxies blocked as well. The people that put these blocks in place know they exist and block them too. 

This is the case here. The Proxy sites aren’t working. 

Please stop assuming that we don’t know how these things work. 


First: River/Az has run into a problem with the server that she’s been using. They’ve blocked Tumblr and she can’t get on. This will keep her from being on Tumblr to RP for about a month until she moves back home, but she’s got other circumstances as well that might make her scarce then. 

BUT NEVER FEAR! We’ve devised a plan so that River and Az can continue to be around even with Tumblr being a no-fly zone for her. 

She can still access things like Skype and Google Docs, so here’s our plan: Let her know. Whether it’s by Skype or through other people (I am aware we don’t all have Skype). Message Ann on Sam’s account if it really comes down to it. We’ll get you in touch with her somehow. You can RP through Skype (Preferably still paras; it’s doable) or set up a Google Doc and type your part of the para. place ‘(end)’ at the end of your reply so that the other knows yours is finished. When you’ve completed your ‘thread’ You will be in charge of posting it to Tumblr (Please put it under a cut). If you run into issues with the number of characters in a post, break it up into parts and place each under a cut. If you can, Start your post with your character’s name, in the first line or so, that way those that read it know who is speaking when. (leave the (end) tags in it as well)

Yes. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m trying to make the best of a very crumby situation. River and Az are both very strong and important in a few plotlines even. 

Second: Just a reminder and request to track SPNDWRP. Some of you have already put the tag to good use. :)

Third: We are working on an event that will be coming up probably near the end of this month. So keep checking for more announcements about that. 

Follow The Master


Name: Mariah

Age:16 1/2 

Time Zone (Country if outside US & Canada): America/Toronto 

Character you are applying for: The Master

Why are you applying for this character?: I’m applying for this character because I love him; he’s amazing and I really have fun role playing and I really just want to RP The Master. :)

Pairings you ship: 10th Doctor/Master, Fifth Doctor/Master, Fifth Doctor/turlough, ect…

Pairings you do not ship: Rose/The Doctor, Amy/The Doctor, ect…

Paragraph Sample: (Setting: gallifrey Age:13) 

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I was sitting in the orange grass, under one of the matching tree’s with a book in my hands. It was a book of Gallifreyan fairy tales. I knew the fairy tales weren’t real, but their was always at least a spark of truth in them. I should know, if it was my mother when I was younger reading them or myself on my own now, I could understand that fake things they were almost always based off of real things.

I looked up from my book when I heard someone running through the grass towards me. I was the blond hair boy that had dimples, brown eyes, and dressed in red and gold. Theta. My Theta. He has been mine for over three years now, since I was ten and he was eight, yet we still blushed every time we kissed.

As he came up in front of me, he sat down. “Whatcha reading, Kosh?” Theta asked me with the most adorable smile on him face. “The Fairy Tales of Gallifrey.” I answer as I pull him to sit on my lap; facing me. “Can you tell me a fairy tale? Please?” He said with a face I couldn’t say no to. “Sure, Thete.” I say as I smile and start looking through the book for one that Theta would like. Though, Theta takes the book from me, closes it, and put’s it down beside us. I look up at him in curiosity .

No, Koschei. I don’t want you to read me one from the book. I want you to tell m one made up of your heart, soul, and brain.” He says, smiling at me. “You know you can be a sap sometimes.” I say to him playfully. But I begin to make one up anyways.

Once upon a time their was a beautiful, Gallifreyan boy with blond hair and brown eyes. He was always the most popular boy in school and out. But one day, at school, he spotted a dark haired boy with green eyes sitting alone while reading a book. Theta decided to go talk to the boy who appeared to be new. ‘Hello. My name is Theta. What’s yours?” He said as he sat down next to the boy and held our his hand to shake. The boy looked up surprised. “Oh, ummmm, uh. Hi, my name’s Koschei.” He said shaking Theta’s hand awkwardly. After that, they talked they talked for hours on end. Hey soon became best friends and later boyfriends. They vowed to love each other forever.”

I love you.” Theta said to me.

I love you, too” I replied.

personal Tumblr: http://planet-nerdfighteria.tumblr.com/

Accepted! Make a blog and let us know when you’ve got it set up. :)


galifreys-gladiator replied to your post: Dear Roleplay

if we are following the blog won’t we still get it?

Yes. You’ll still see it, but I know that with the number of people sometimes things get lost or inadvertently missed. 

It’s something I’m borrowing from a couple of other RPs I’ve been in. It’s just a way to ensure things like Follow Links get seen Especially if you have to go away for a couple of days due to vacation and other things. Also since I seem to be really good at doing this late at night or early morning when there aren’t a lot of people on it can be helpful because you can check the tag first when you do get on. 

Dear Roleplay

Please begin tracking SPNDWRP.

This way you can more easily access any announcements. Important posts and Follow Links will be tagged with this from now on.  

Inactivity Warnings

2 Week Inactivity:

Charlie Bradbury
Meta!Ten (John Smith)

You have one week to post. Midnight EST Saturday July, 14. 



Follow George

Non-fat no-whip white mocha, one pump sugar-free, double-shot espresso.

Name: M

Age: 20

Time Zone (Country if outside US & Canada): Narnia 

Character you are applying for: George,  Leviathan. 

Why are you applying for this character?: Because I’ve been toying with the idea of playing this character since we saw him, and I said I would some day. So guess this is it. 

Pairings you ship: Everything and nothing.

Pairings you do not ship: Sun/Summer

Paragraph Sample: (2 paragraph minimum - written in character)

That night did still ring quite clear in his mind as the real estate car passed another county. Whole event with the Winchester brothers, his boss, well, ex-boss now. Joyce Bicklebee or rather the Leviathan who had taken her place was very much still decapitated. And They even didn’t let him eat her head in the end. No, that wasn’t important anymore. It wasn’t. 

Red light, that’s a stop. But the car didn’t stop it clearly and swiftly  speeded passed the light turning a corner heading northwest.  

Where exactly he was headed in such a neck-breaking hurry George had no idea. He only vaguely knew this place and same went for the places surrounding it. Alas one thing Joyce was right about he truly was one dumb move away from a bibbing. It stood to reason if his actions on that night or lack of them for that matter got around, it would be way passed that one move. So running blindly, just running anywhere seems like a better idea then waiting for pick up.

There was no doubt in his mind that sooner or later, they, the Roman enterprise would find him and probably drag him back if they don’t kill him on the spot. But until that happened this really was the only valid option. Freedom even when completely fake and inauthentic felt nice. At least there no longer was anyone to yell at him over what type of caffeinated beverage to fetch them. 

Your personal Tumblr username: childofgedauvan.tumblr.com

Lovely M, Accepted. I’ll put up the account shortly. ~Ann

Follow Michael

Unfollow Jenny

Anonymous said: is the master reserved?

No. The Master’s role is open. 

Michael App

Name: Peyquanda
Age: Legal
Time Zone : EST
Character you are applying for:Why are you applying for this character?: Michael
Pairings you ship: Michael/Loyalty  Michael/anyonewhoisworthy
Pairings you do not ship: Michael/Lucifer Michael/Gabriel Michael/Castiel
Paragraph Sample:
The cage was not a place that the archangel liked to be.  This was not a place for the righteous and the good but for the darkness that he’d banished there in years passed.  One day he would free himself and rule Heaven in his father’s place. For now he was trapped with his brother and years went by seemingly in a blink of an eye. That is until one blink brought him somewhere else.

Michael woke up to a bright light. Not hellfire but…different…florescent? His vision cleared and he was lying down in a hospital bed. How had he gotten here? He sat up with a blank expression on his face but his eyes showed all of the shocked confusion he felt. He removed the IVs and all of the little bandages that were on him. He was about to simply depart from the place when he noticed. A mirror in the room was hung on the wall and he stepped forward noticing something interesting within it. He felt his face. The vessel he was wearing was that of John Winchester. He’d only used him very briefly when he’d met the Winchesters in the past. This vessel was not possible. He looks up. Father? Had he done this for him? He had been given an adequate vessel to use so that he may walk the Earth and right the wrongs that had been done in his absence.

For the first time since he’d awoken his expression changed and a smirk appeared on his face. He was free of the cage and he was returning to his rightful place.


Your personal Tumblr username: TheBurningWolf

Accepted. Go ahead and make a new account for Michael. You know the drill.